Getting to know each other.

To create your brand, I need to get to know your business! I have put together a series of questions that will help me create our initial mood board and set the tone for what is to follow. Please fill in as much as you can using the form below, if you feel you have more to add, please put it in the notes section at the bottom! I live in the South West, while most of my clients are Perth-based, if you are in the area and would like to meet up, we can definitely make that happen!

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Your Name
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Age, Gender and anything else you can tell me about your clients!
This can even just be a bit about your business, the who, what, when, where & why.


Time to get creative!

It’s mood board time! This is where I will pull together and interpret the information you have sent me in your form - which is why it is important to give as much info as you can! This mood board will be the essence of your brand and inform the future design process.


Phase one.

This is where the fun really begins. I will use our mood board to begin some initial designs which will be sent to you for review. These are by no means final designs and are used to test the waters and really align our goals. This is the phase where we decide what we do and don’t like for your brand and move forward with a couple of ideas.

Phase two.

Now that we have refined the pool, we can start working on details. These will also be reviewed and from there you will be able to choose your final logo! Please note that depending on how many initial designs we start with, this step might need to be repeated a second time to narrow down your final logo.


The pointy end.

Your final logo will be refined, and appropriate colour / size alternatives will be created and packaged for final hand over to you! This is also the time where we will design your Business Cards.